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Do me a favor and try something for me. Disconnect the laser and connect your meter to the driver laser output instead and follow the steps for the driver VOLTAGE setting with these exceptions:

1) Connect meter to laser output as in guide
2) Turn fan to full power as in guide
3) Adjust voltage to 6.5V as in guide but BEFORE you adjust voltage, turn current adjust 5 full turns clockwise.
4) After the voltage has been adjusted to 6.5V, turn the current adjust 6 full turns COUNTER-CLOCKWISE.
5) Connect the laser diode and continue with the current adjustment procedure.

I just want to be sure the driver is at it’s operating current threshold when the voltage is set. I have the LED light to let me know but you don’t so I figure we can try cranking the current up, setting voltage , then cranking back down before connecting the diode for final tuning.

Please give it a try and let me know how it works out.