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Peter T

I tested as you described.

1) Connect meter to laser output as in guide
2) Turn fan to full power as in guide
3) Adjust voltage to 6.5V as in guide but BEFORE you adjust voltage, turn current adjust 5 full turns clockwise.
4) After the voltage has been adjusted to 6.5V, turn the current adjust 6 full turns COUNTER-CLOCKWISE.
5) Connect the laser diode and continue with the current adjustment procedure.

1. Check
2. Check
3. With 5 turns on the current adjust I was not able to get it stable on 6.5V. It shows everything between 3V and 22V. It get out of range in 0-10V settings on the meter.
I ended up take the current adjust 1 turn counter-clockwise, so it been 4 i total. Then I was able to get i stable at 6.5v. When i was playing with the voltage the LED was turned of at the lower voltage. I didn´t notice exactly when it was turned off becouse of the jumping in voltage with 5 turns on the current adjust, but at 6.5v it was turned on.
5. The result was the same as before, It stopped at 0.77A on one meter and 0.72 on another.

I will try to get my hands on a Fluke meter but i´m not sure when.