Reply To: 0.9 vs 1.8 degree steppers?



Ya I agree you can run a few motors off the drivers no problem. For things where torque isn’t overly important like 3d printing/laser cutting etc. it’ll make little difference anyway if you run them a bit under spec.

The PLA mounts aren’t really what I was concerned about anyway, that’s just more a side-effect of pushing up the current.
I just want to get the most torque I can out of the motors that I bought, that’s all. If I didn’t want to try milling aluminium/tougher materials I wouldn’t even be that worried about it as for most situations you don’t need that much torque.

What I was looking at was whether to wire the 2 stepper motors in series or parallel. Wiring them them in series would allow me to push more current into each motor without overloading the driver.
e.g. 2 motors in parallel with a driver set for 1.5A only gives 750mA to each motor coil, where as in series each motor coil would receive 1.5A without pushing any extra current through the driver.

Good idea on the aluminium mounts, I guess that’s the beauty of these machines. They can make their own upgrade parts.
I’ll do that if I think it’ll be worthwhile but it probably won’t be necessary. The torque is proportional to current but the temperature will be proportional to the square of the current, so a small drop in current should lead to a large drop in motor temperature.

If you do end up testing with a force gauge I’d love to see the results. You have mpcnc’s with aluminium motor mounts at the moment?