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My example above does three passes and two tool changes. It starts with a facing, then does a tool change here to do adaptive clearing:

N6645 G1 Z15 F2000
N6650 M107

N6655 G1 Z15 F2000 ;T3
N6660 G1 X-20 Y-20 F2000 ;T3
N6665 M117 Change to Tool T3
N6670 M25 ;Pause for Tool T3
N6675 ;T5
N6680 M106

Then a second tool change here to do final parallel finishing:

N148745 M107

N148750 G1 Z15 F2000 ;T5
N148755 G1 X-20 Y-20 F2000 ;T5
N148760 M117 Change to Tool T5
N148765 M25 ;Pause for Tool T5
N148770 ;T2
N148775 M106

Just search though your gcode and you should find some of these commands like the M177 between operations. Are you using an LCD/SD controller?

I will think about the different length tools some more but there is probably a way to offset the Z axis to compensate between tools. Probably an easy way to manually do this by editing the gcode. I will have to put some more though into how it can happen automatically. OK?