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While waiting for the next part to finish…. i designed a kind of eccentric spacers (mentioned also by Atomist)
Not having a working CNC yet (still printing and building) the part seems to work to adjust the single bearing side of the roller
No clue if it would hold and can work with the forces of a CNC machine, i can’t try yet ­čÖé
It converts from M8 to M5 to bold the bearing, but you can tune it so the bearing nicely gets to the tube

(update:) tried to upload the .scad files… didn’t work…

// fix the MPCNC issue regarding the roller and the Pipe/Tube
// print 2 of those and the other part
difference() {
union() {
translate([0,0,3.75])cylinder(h=3.5,r=3.9, center=true, $fn=360);
translate([0,0,1]) cylinder(h=2,r=6, center=true, $fn=360);
cylinder(h=20,r=2.6, center=true, $fn=360);

The M8 replacement
// MPCNC 608ZZ Bearing adjuster
// bearings specs : M8 , 7MM high
/// M8 to M5
difference() {
union() {
translate([0,0,10.5]) cylinder(h=21,r=4.0, center=true, $fn=360);
translate([1.5,0,2.5]) cylinder(h=5,r=6.3, center=true, $fn=6);
translate([1.39,0,0])cylinder(h=50,r=2.6, center=true, $fn=360);