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Dave Gun

I outgrew my Dremel, so I screwed on my Harbor Freight trim router. The Dremel worked fine for learning with foam and wood, but it just couldn’t cut the acrylic. I read what I could find about cutting acrylic on the internet and determined the Dremel couldn’t handle the feed rate I needed, and didn’t have enough power at a slower rpm.

A few things I notice on this trim router. The fan that cools the router blows out the bottom over the bit. This helps blow away the chips near the bit. It also doesn’t have a built in variable speed, but I have it plugged into a variable speed controller. The best thing about the router is it only cost $30! The remote speed controller worked good for cutting the acrylic. I could dial in the speed between melting and chipping the acrylic while it was cutting some test cuts.

The picture below shows my first cut of a RAMPS box I plan to make out of acrylic.