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This part shouldn’t need any support. i printed all mine at .26 70% at 60mm/s. it looks like he printed too cool. Check the specs on your filament. they are making pla that needs up to 235C nowadays. do you have a part fan (what speed was it set at, how old is it, does it use a shroud). my printrbot had an issue with the heat sink fan. it was working but it wasn’t spinning as fast as it did new. I changed out both fans just to be safe, made a real difference. it looks like a temp issue though, since that part doesn’t have any hard overhangs it should still print without a part fan, id bump up the temp 5-6 degrees and see if helps any.

The part in the pic I attached was printed at 70mm/s while I had terrible layer adhesion issues from the speed, i had no issues with overhangs or bridges.