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Thanks Steve. I am not getting anything in my gcode about a tool change, here is a snippet of the code where it changes from 1/4 e mill to 1/16 e mill.

N40645 G1 X57.839 Y66.872 Z-12.438 F1000
N40650 G1 X57.896 Y66.941 Z-12.261 F1000
N40655 G1 X57.914 Y66.967 Z-12.065 F1000
N40660 G1 Z15 F2000

;2D Pocket2
N40665 M106
N40670 G1 X48.132 Y26.157 F2000
N40675 G1 Z15 F2000
N40680 G1 Z5 F2000
N40685 G1 Z-1.841 F1000
N40690 G1 X48.124 Z-1.89 F1000
N40695 G1 X48.102 Z-1.935 F1000
N40700 G1 X48.066 Z-1.97 F1000
N40705 G1 X48.022 Z-1.992 F1000
N40710 G1 X47.973 Z-2 F1000
N40715 G1 X45.139 F1000
N40720 G1 X37.341 F1000

I will try manually adding some code based on what you wrote. I think we can do a tool length offset with a G92 ZXX, I will play around with that. I do have an LCD but I have been cutting right from Repetier Host. Would be awesome to be able to input an offset in your tool library and have it done by the post processor! Seems trivial to fix in the code manually though.