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After spending the weekend repairing the garage door while printing parts (and wishing I was assembling all these great parts), I managed to get my conduit cut this morning before work, and then when I got home, I finally got to start putting together my built parts with parts from my vitamin box.

I’m popping bearings out of sleeves like some sort of Life Saver junkie. Oh, wow, is it ever satisfying. What a fantastically well-designed machine! Dropping the stepper into the mount was both aesthetically pleasing and also nice because now I’ve already got something with electrical wires attached to my parts. :v) The roller assemblies slide so gorgeously on the conduit, it’s hard to believe that the precision rods are $4 hardware store materials. Very nice!

A couple quick notes I made along the way:

  • the assembly/roller page mentions 1/2″ screws for the roller clamps, but the engineering diagram says 3/4″, which is strongly supported by the fact that my vitamin kit only had two 1/2″ screws in it (for the rigid coupler).
  • The 2.5″ bolts for the rollers don’t quite bite into the nylon in the lock nuts. They might if they can stand really being cinched down later, but I wonder if a 2.75″ bolt wouldn’t be better (albeit with some ugly thread sticking out beyond).
  • The only tedious thing about this was digging the support material out of the bottom nut trap on my corner blocks. I probably should have built that part with support disabled, since nothing else needed it, and surely it would have bridged the nut traps easily.

Anyway, kid in a candy store. Next step is the middle assembly, which looks sufficiently complex that I should really take this opportunity to go to bed. It’s like trying not to start the next chapter of Harry Potter at three A.M. :v)