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keep everything super loose, only tighten it when you have it on the machine and the cross bars are snugged up in place. seems to keep things a bit more, square

Got it.

Sorry about the 2.5’s, sound like crappy engineering

Oh, yeah. “Crappy engineering,” that’s definitely the phrase that’s been running through my mind. Are you joking? This design is phenomenally cool.

  • a surprisingly minimal design that makes good use of ordinary, inexpensive materials. It’s just amazing that conduit can be “good enough”. The design uses surprisingly few bearings to stabilize against so many degrees of freedom. The paired belt-stepper assemblies are a simple solution to providing squareness and avoiding torque. It even reuses bolts to simultaneously be a bearing axle and to join two printed parts. So elegant!
  • parts are really well-designed for easy printability. They exploit the “material properties” — one flat side, good vertical cross sections — while avoiding difficult build features (support, sharp corners that like to peel, small details that build poorly).
  • parts are aesthetically elegant, with organic curves
  • assemble-ability is very good: it’s easy to understand how the parts fit, and easy to ensure the critical dimensions (parallel sides, square corners). I haven’t gotten to that step, but I can already see from the assembly instructions how straightforward it should be.
  • So. No. You may try to be humble, but this design is quite impressive.

    As for the specific 2.5″ bolts: I think it would probably be fine to just ship the next size up and have 1/2″ stick out the end. A little dorky looking, but would save a part redesign. I guess the alternative would be to sink a hexagon 1/16″ into the head side of the roller-F, but that’s just one more concave spot to clean crud out of, and one of the things I’ve enjoyed about this design is how close the parts build to ready-to-use.

    Yup no support on anything other than the rigid middle z.

    I think I may have come across that tip, but only after I started printing parts, and the corner blocks were the first thing I built.

    Although I get as good of support with cura now as I do with simplify 3D. I always set a 1layer gap, and the support density plays a big part 2mm apart seems good usually, and about .7-1mm from the x and y.

    Good to know. I’ve noticed your enthusiasm for cura elsewhere in the forums, so it’s on my list to play with it. I’m still using the copy of slic3r I installed when I got my printer last year, because inertia. :v) I will totally try cura really soon now.