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Dave Gun

Hi Corey,

I just finished my build and I’m just starting to use it. I suggest reading what you can on this web site, there is a lot of good information. Read through all the assembly information before you start. It gives you an idea of where you are going before you get there. Check out the “Build and things Built” section. Some people documented some of their build, and it will give you an idea of what you can expect.

I will say the kit is well worth it. One button to press, and you get everything you need less the printed parts, conduit and tool. If I had to hunt down parts, reorder stuff that wasn’t right, it would have taken me several more days and delays. Another advantage to getting your parts here, it’s easier for Ryan to help you with problems if he knows the parts your working with.

To answer your questions:
1. I didn’t find anything difficult. It was challenging and I enjoyed the challenge. I spent a lot of time test fitting parts. I sanded and filed so everything fit without forcing things. Don’t be afraid to take things apart and do adjustments, it always goes back together faster the second or third time.

2. I highly suggest and emergency stop to kill power to everything. Think Safety, get some eye and ear protection and keep your fingers away from the rotary tools. If things start going wrong, you want to have a button in reach to stop everything. My RAMPS board is not covered…. yet. I plan to make an enclosure with my MPCNC. I’m kind of burned out on 3D printing right now 🙂

3. I’m using 123D for design, Estlcam, and Repetier. I have downloaded and tried Fusion 360. 123D and Estlcam have less of a learning curve, and they do everything I need it to do at this point.

4. I built a 24″x24″ with short legs, and this is plenty big for what I plan to do. Maybe someone who has built a larger one can answer your question.

Good luck with your build!