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The one I bought is similar to this except I bought from a US vendor. They havent relisted another torch yet. I will post back if they do. If you search for “P80 plasma torch” you will find quite a few listings for the torches. The thing to pay attention to is the extra wire coming out of the loom with the forked connector. That is the wire for the pilot arc. Some of the torches dont have it.

One nice thing about that torch is it is rated for 80 amps so there is room to grow. I only have 50 amps now but the 70 and 80 amp machines arent that much more. Also you can buy fine cut consumables for lower amperage cutting and narrower kerfs on thin material.

Yes, 30% duty cycle is pretty low. I think it will be fine for what I want to use it for. Like I said I can upgrade to a larger machine later. The 80amp machines are 60% duty cycle. One other thing to keep in mind is that 50 china amps is probably more like 30 american amps. People who know way more than me about plasma cutters have said that the import machines are way overrated on power.