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Dave C.

Well, I am nearing completion of my spoil board…sort of. I placed an order for some T-Track since my printer had such a difficult time printing them. I am not 100% certain as to how I am going to do the spoil board now, i.e. the same way karltinsly did his or simply cut the MDF vertically in quarters.

Also, I found this company online (

) and they offer a variety of Clamp-On couplers; all of which you can specify the various diameters of the bores. I believe I can get the 5mm to 5/16″ one required over the 5mm x 8mm one I linked in previously.

What I need to determine is which do I choose, A, B, C, or D????

I also solved the issue I was having with some of the design files I have. There were 2 I corrected. The first was that I needed to select Inches as the “input units” of the model. The other was that I needed a better DWG to DXF converter. Now all files I have for my main project fit my build area quite nicely.