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I am planning on making wooden signs. I would like to do all of the wood millwork (dimensionally) before they go into the CNC. So i would like to set the work piece against 4 dowel pins to make sure they are placed square and inline with the machine from the start and just carve out the lettering. By essentially homing to endstops and manually moving to the 0,0 of the work piece I do not have to do as much work on the CNC. Just set the piece in, clamp it down, home the machine, manually jog over to work piece 0,0, manually home the Z, and hit start. Do you have any idea if what I proposed doing in the Marlin software would work or is there another way for when I hit Auto Home on the LCD controller to make only home the X and Y? I am planning on running everything on an SD card.

By the way did my first test cuts on some MDF last night and Holy **** you are freaking amazing!!!! My machine is absoluteley fantastic!!! The circle was to be 2.000 and it measures 2.003 in diameter. My depth was to be .125 and it measures .127. You did an absolutely fantastic job of engineering and designing this beast!! I can’t say enough to how impressed I am and great of a job you did!!