Reply To: Stepper failure?



Yeah, but the first thing I replaced was the Arduino, so that would mean 2 bad Arduinos. It seemed like it would ONLY cut out in the middle of a job – if I did a blind run, the DW660 turned off, and the whole machine moving it wouldn’t restart. If I turned the DW660 on, but didn’t have it down in the wood – it didn’t restart. Tell it to start cutting though, and very shortly after the DW660 starts cutting (hit wood) the Arduino would restart. If I restarted the job over and over, I could actually get further and further – it didn’t restart until the DW660 hit wood. I think steppers start to draw more current when they require more torque (like moving through wood that’s being cut versus moving through thin air) so I thought that might be how the two were connected. The other drivers don’t seem to be heating up like the one – and it isn’t the RAMPs as far as I can tell because if I swap 2 drivers the problem follows the driver.

I went ahead and ordered 5 new drivers. I went with the clone that had the best reviews even though it cost a little more on Amazon. Hopefully will get it tomorrow or Friday.