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After a couple of weeks of being particularly busy and getting involved in a few other events, I finally found the time to drop the parts off to get anodized.

Given the minimum charge on the order, they’ve said they’ll try get it done in 25u ‘Marine’ anodizing, so should be a little thicker.

Unfortunately, the tubes were originally chocked in place in the car but over the week it took to get things sorted, they started shifting at some point and a few of the tubes have picked up some extra scuffs etc. Hopefully that shouldn’t be too much of an issue. I’m assuming the cold working of the material will likely smooth out any rough spots, anyway.

In addition, the 500W spindle arrived a few days ago. It looks pretty good and there’s no visible play/runout in the spindle when turned by hand. I haven’t clamped it up to check with a DTI yet but that’s on the ‘todo’ list. Given some of the things I’ve seen in other threads, it’s often the machining on the taper for the ER collet or the collet itself that lets the spindles down with respect to runout. I figure just chucking a new twist drill and putting the DTI on the shank where it comes out of the collet is probably enough to check that to within my likely requirements.

I’m leaving out printing a few parts (spindle mount, etc.) until I’ve got a better idea of how I want to mount it. The fan at the top of the motor looks like it might need a bit of extra clearance than the motor itself, so I want to check that out on the actual machine.

The other thing of note is that I forgot to check the GT2 belt for total length with the machine. It looks like I’m going to be short a bit, so that’ll result in another quick order to get some of that. I’ve got another little project (cartridge case annealer) that is currently in the works which could use some, so I’ll do a bit more work on that and then consolidate.