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Dave Gun

Here are a few experiences I had making the RAMPS enclosure. I’m still learning, but I made it work.

I designed it in 123D, the same program I use for 3D printing design. I had some scale issues converting to DXF files, but I found 2D SVG import well into Estlcam. You need to select a plane on the part to create the SVG file. I notched the corners of the box, and these notches on the ends of the piece do not show up in the SVG. I had to make two SVG files on different planes to show all the lines.

I opened one in Estlcam, then inserted the second file into Estlcam. Then I had to move the second file and align it over the first file. Some times I needed to flip the image, so I needed to study the part to make sure I was milling the correct side of the part. Some places I had to use Manual Shape Detection to select the corners of the tool path. If I used 3D files, but this would have milled the surface of the acrylic and I didn’t want that. There may be a better way, but this way worked.

Cutting the acrylic was a bit tricky. If the acrylic started to stick to the bit, I had to pause the print in Repetier, raise the bit and remove the plastic (only use manual controls on Repetier so it can restart where it was paused). Then the print can be resumed. I read where dish soap and water can be used to help the acrylic from sticking, so I used this sometimes and it seemed to help.

I used super glue to glue the sides together. I did not glue the top or bottom. I used 2mm screws and nuts to mount the mega/Ramps to the bottom of the enclosure and the bottom is screwed down to my wood base with wood screws. The parts fit snugly, so I didn’t do any additional fasteners at this point. My fan faces the router, so I blow air out, so I don’t get debris in. The air slots on the other sides I use to run the wiring through.

The D123 file for the enclosure can be downloaded here: