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Oh no, I screwed up?

Or maybe the manufacturer of the wall wart that chose blue and brown for wire colors screwed up; we can’t rule that guy out. :v)

What color are your wires?

As shipped, it had brown at the edge of the connector (what should have been negative), and blue at the third position (what should have been positive). But the negative electricities were flowing out of the blue wire and the positive electricities were flowing out of the brown one.

Panic!!!! I wonder how many I screwed up and shipped. I check about every third one.

Kitting ain’t easy. I’m pretty impressed with how everything else came out of the box with nothing missing. I love the fact that the stepper drivers were already installed and tuned (well, I assume they were, because I was too lazy to pull the drivers off to find the vref pad :v). I love the fact that the firmware was preloaded, so as soon as I turned it on, a millimeter gcode command moved a millimeter on each axis. Last night was a whole lot of instant gratification, going from a few loose cables to drawing with a sharpie. Getting all those other bits set up correctly would have taken days otherwise.

Honestly, my only regret with ordering the kit from you is that it punctures the illusion that “I just downloaded this guy’s thing from the internet and printed it out!”, because I have to say that with an asterisk “*and ordered a box of parts from that guy and installed them.” :v) But in principle I could have bought by own darn bolts, and that’s what really matters.

Sorry for that, Glad It didn’t fry anything, usually it’s pretty easy to let the magic smoke out of the bottle.

No kidding, especially with polarity reversals. I say this as someone who knows the sound of a 7805 regular dying from reverse polarity so well that I have diagnosed it when described to me over the phone. :v) The RAMPS design definitely doesn’t suck.

Can’t wait to lash on the DW660 and start making a real mess, but I should probably try to catch up on the work that I’ve neglected due to MPCNC Addiction Syndrome.