Reply To: Stepper failure?



Ok, I tried having the electronics plugged into a UPS, didn’t fix it. Then I tried a long extension cable and having them going into a socket that is on an entirely different circuit breaker – no luck. Got a replacement RAMPS, no luck. So now I’ve replaced the Arduino, the RAMPS, stepper drivers, checked motor wiring, ran off UPS, ran off different circuit breaker, and ran off computer instead of Raspberry Pi. Arduino continues to just randomly restart on me – particularly when the Dewalt DW660 is running.

PS I put the last post in code brackets – usually forums make that a tiny scrollable box, but this forum software appears to make it an exceptionally long post instead. Could you delete that post or edit out the code?

Only thing left that is original is the power supply – and that’s because I can’t find any on Amazon that actually get good reviews. (plus IF the 12V was going out, the Arduino should still be powered from USB – it shouldn’t cause it to restart).