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I’ve now built three of these machines and I am more impressed each time. While that’s partly because I do more things right the first time with each successive build, it’s mostly due to the excellent design (kudos Ryan!). While I’ve only used my machines for 3D printing so far, I can see the potential issues with large builds, heavy tools and a variety of conduit sizes. I think Ryan is trying to make a truly universal machine that’s rigid enough for big builds, easily scale-able (which this thing already is) and adaptable to round rail found nearly everywhere.

Here’s a thought to add rigidity and adaptability while maintaining scale-ability. It uses three lengths of conduit for each side of the axis (see attached image). As printed, it should support the largest diameter (25.4mm, from what I’m reading on here). Then, smaller diameter pipe could be used with printed spacers. The benefit of the spacers is they could be easily “customized” by each user. Simply print one as a test. If it doesn’t quite fit, scale up or down as needed. I envision these spacers placed every 10″ (250mm) or so, but it would probably vary by application and amount of spare PLA on hand. For long spans or heavy-duty builds, the bottom leg of the spacer could be modified to accept a support member.

In essence, this works much like the “Vicious One” model. It still uses 608 bearings, 5/16″ or 8mm bolts, PLA printed parts, etc. So, the assembly will be much like it is now, simple. Parts will still be readily available in imperial or metric sizes and the build will accommodate a variety of conduit/closet bar/pipe sizes. The increased weight of the additional material may require additional power to the steppers, but it should be negligible with these NEMA 17s.

As for names, we could skip the whole V2 thing and go right to “Vicious Three” or “Triple” or my personal favorite, the “Vicious Triad.”


Vicious Triad