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Sorry just shooting these out as I think of them. Not censoring this.

I had though about using 3 before but it didn’t seem that elegant in my head! I kept coming up with a truss system, this is better

This would work in really large machines. For the highest rigidity the spacers would need to be screwed in (epoxy?). The outer plastic would need a different shape to hold more torque. I love this….. This would really need something better than emt, I think this would exaggerate the surface flaws/imperfections. The spacer could extend out past the surface of the pipes to make the clamp so no holes needed to be drilled. This would not allow for one of the biggest upgrades I had planned for the “the next version”/improvements, not a big deal, this could be better.

So still looks like update the current version. (almost done with the corner, testing new center assemblies). This could legit be the model for all the guys that want an 4’x8′ machine!

Thanks @MJ Awesome idea I want to test it, but I have to at least finish this corner thing first.