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First thank you Allted for your engenious design. After a long time of searching for a suitable design for my purpose I became all tingly inside after finding it.
I am able to source 25 mm chrome plated wardrobe rail easily where I live in Slovenia and not that expensive (under 10€/3m). I know other types exist, but this one has a wall thickness of only 0.7 mm.
Has anyone used this thin wall type successfully (I’m thinking 60×60 cm print surface – 90 cm tubes)? My fear is it would sag too much for printing.
I’m toying with the idea of filling the tubes with rigid lightweight (200kg/m3 @ open mold) 2k polymer foam to stiffen it (also reduce vibration?). Upfront I would insert a smaller dia. tube to allow for wiring.
Maybe this would bring the rigidity up a bit without affecting other aspects of the design.
This could even be applied to the “Vicious Triad” idea, which is so exciting, btw. (+1 for that)
I also wonder what would be a beter choice regarding long time wear: stainless (polished) or chrome plated?
Thank you All…