Reply To: Nick's Build



That, is amazing. Immediately after posting that I thought I sounded like a wining kid because you have put so much work into the center assembly.

Actually, yeah it does seem a bit faster. It was probably the slowest I am part of, but now it is catching up.

Loosened just about everything I could (1 or 2 bolts were not accessible with the tools I have where I am working on the machine) and the Y axis is basically jitter free now. X is a little better but not much. Also, the weird gap is gone. The sides meet evenly (at least that I can see) now. Now I just have to figure out the x axis jitter. It almost has to be that middle end is too tight like he shrunk it down by a couple percent by accident. When I drilled out the holes it was way more work than the other ones and getting it on the pipe was a challenge. Looks like I am going to have to cut at least one splice job to replace that middle end. good thing I left some extra on each end.