Reply To: Nick's Build



I know how that goes. The robotics team I am on is doing what is effectively a contracted project and every piece on there has been through so many redesigns. Our flashforge creator pro has over 600 hours of printing on it from this project. Looking to get something like a gmax to print large parts or many parts at the same time. I wish the other people on the team would slow down and think about things sometimes. Would have saved many re designs.

Along that line, I was scheduled to print my replacement middle end tonight but someone started more prints for the other project so I have to wait. The contracted project is more important anyway. Hopefully I can still have it printed by sunday. I really to get this thing up and running so I have a large printer of my own.The fabrikator mini at 80 by 80 by 76 is really limiting. But at the same time it is nice to move it around and the prints are amazing when you get the z height in right.