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so after staring at things for a bit. i think i may have a solution.

hang the winch directly from the floor trusses
floor truss

using a piece of pipe (heavier than conduit, but fitting inside like this cardboard tube (for illustration purposes only) cutting holes through 2 trusses, cap the pipe with end caps so they cant slide through and just let the winch hang.
winch and tube
This eliminates the need for a pulley which gets it a few inches further up, and can probably get it entirely out of the way.
If i am that hell bent on leaving it connected to the winch while carving i can put blocks on all four corners, or get really long eye screws that get it up 6-10 inches, then i can set up a shallower angle to the middle .

any thoughts on this?

PS. just for zellars i will outfit this with some LEDS underneath and we will see what other cool shit we can toss on here.