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Ok. the audio may just have to be in the video of my tutorial on doing it. Im not buying an arduino or something just to play it everytime it goes up haha. but good idea.

Anyway. I just finalized a fair amount of the details.
So I took broke the solders and put on quick disconnects. TIghtened all the loose nuts on the z axis. rebuilt it, and now its mounted on the table.
Next i need to run the power cables underneath the table with clips etc to hold them up. over to the power strip mounted on the left side.
Then it should be largely done.
then i have to edit hours of video (i just let it roll the whole time). btw i stabbed myself with cable wire, had a grinder 1 inch from my head, and about 21 other accidents i should have had. oh and i never wore eye protection.
im pretty smart.