Reply To: My MPCNC Build



Your build looks great . I’m not too familiar with Repetier but I think it uses an Arduino analogWrite commad to send the laser PWM control signals. This is similar to the GRBL and Marlin laser implementations. For a laser as powerful as yours will be, I’d suggest you edit the firmware to use one of the spare 16-bit timers on the Mega board. Then you’ll be able to configure the frequency and the resolution to work better with your laser. The analogWrite command only allows values between 0 and 255. With your beastly laser you’ll probably be running at about 25% duty cycle or less for most grayscale engravings which means you’ll lose grayscale resolution. Then again, maybe the repetier firmware already allows this configuration.I’ve recently modded my Marlin firmware to do 11 bit resolution even though it doesn’t make a big difference on my 2.8w diode. I do plan to upgrade soon though and I’ll see the benefits then:)