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James Schubert

Ok. First, wonderful work getting post processing to work.

Just to clarify. I have read through this entire post, but may have missed the following information and admit ignorance on using sdcard…..

1. does MPCNC_Fusion360_V6_SDcard.rar work being driven by repetier host. If not how does one get the gcode onto the mpcnc?
INSERT sdcard in computer – drag drop gcode file to sdcard – unmount – insert sdcard into mpcnc and print from the lcd control?
2. I added endstops to my mpcnc but it looks like they arent needed for cnc milling work?

3. when using MPCNC_Fusion360_V6_SDcard.rar generate toolpath gcode and Load the gcode into repetier host – nothing shows up, should it?