Reply To: J tech laser mounting etc



Hi Ryan LB, sorry you’re having such hassles with the laser mount. I faced a few of the same issues. Here are some things I learned when setting up my laser.

1. I’m using the universal mount, so I don’t have to constantly screw and unscrew the various mounting pieces. You might find that easier. The laser mount included with my other universal mount pieces ( has the line laser holders resized to hold larger line lasers, such as the ones you have. However, see my comment below – I no longer use the line lasers and have cut the holders off of my mount.

2. The line lasers are not needed. A better solution is to turn the big laser on at low power, and just use it to aim. To turn it on low power, you turn the cooling fan to a low value. I think I’m using 4 for the power. You can do this using a computer, or through the LCD menu system.

3. I am working on a mount that will let me mount the laser and router at the same time. I will then be able to use the laser as a sight for positioning the router. This requires some coding for the offset. I’ll worry about that after I get the mounting done.

4. I extended the wires from the laser. I used 14 gauge sprinkler wire from the ramps box to the top of the z tower, and used a 4 pin xlr connector to connect to the laser cable. You could use any other kind of connector for this, as long as it will take the 14 gauge wire.

Hope some of that helps. I enjoy using the router, but I LOVE using the laser! Very easy to get professional looking results for plaques, and for doing precision cutting on stuff like vinyl for window stickers.