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Quit making it pretty already and get it dirty!

Scolding noted. :v)

So, since it now has a wicked spinning death blade attached to it, my build gets upgraded to viciousness:

How I got this to work:

      Downloaded the DXF logo from the shop.
      Import it into Inkscape.
      Delete some duplicate curves.
      Duplicate the curves, and use Path->Inset to ensmallen the curves by half a tool radius. Inset doesn’t actually let you control how much it shrinks, which is silly, so I eyeballed it.
      Run the gcodetools path-to-gcode inkscape extension. I manually frotzed the output a fair bit to get feedrates how I wanted them. I’m now poking around a little at the extension’s source code to get it dialed in a little more automatically.

I also fiddled around with feedrates, to see what the steppers are happy with. On X & Y, 8000 seems okay, 9000 starts to chatter a little. On Z, 600 skips, 500 seems okay, but I was testing with no tool installed. Maybe I’ll need more margin there when it’s actually hauling a heavy tool around.

Oh, here’s some great advice: when you’re experimenting with travel limits, if you run the Z axis up too high, the nut and spring falls off the lead screw. And when you’re trying to fumble the nut back onto the leadscrew, lowering the Z won’t help, because the nut won’t thread past the middle Z bearings. (I mean, it made me appreciate the economy of design, but I’ll admit I muttered a little.) That’s okay, because when you get frustrated trying to fit your fingers behind the universal tool mount, you can always get a better angle on it by tipping the machine up one one side wait stop what are you doing why are you sliding the thing all the way down to the end BAM!. Okay so that’s also a bad idea; leave the machine level. So yeah, you should take the tool mount off, even though that means the nut traps are going to fall out. Good thing you superglued the nuts into the nut traps, right? Yes, I’m sure you did. Anyway, my nut and spring are back on now, so you don’t need to worry about me.