Reply To: 3D printer extruder issues



I can easily push the filament through. I have tried from 190 to 230 with the same two spools of filament (which normally print great around 205).

When I took the heat sink off it was pretty clear the filament was catching right on the edge of the gear near the set screws. I can try moving it back to the position you put it in.

I have turned the driver up for the extruder. I think it is currently around .88 and doesnt hesitate at all. The stepper doesn’t have an issue, it all seems to be in the tension and filament alignment right now.

I run a much more basic wordpress website than this and I am clueless most of the time. Everything is so scattered around. Part of that might be that I am required to use a standard template provided by the university. 20mb isn’t much room to play with for pictures and stuff. Have to get creative with embedding imagur links and hoping they work/don’t go away in a month.