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I want to say for 25 days, on the first roll of filament I experienced absolutely no problems with the $300 Maker Architect 3D.

The problem with the printer is I went to unload after the first roll and it wouldn’t unload. The extuder stepper motor made this horrible clicking sound.

Finally I got it out by heating it up by starting a print job then stopping it — could of just used the “load” feature to do this.

Anyways, I reloaded two new different spools of filament and the stepper motor makes that horrible clicking sound constantly and the 2nd layer of the raft had these tall peaks, which harden and the on the next pass the head vibrates horribly passing over them.

I took the extruder apart even and examined the gears, tightened the set screw on the stepper motor gear. NOne of it helped.