Reply To: 3D printer extruder issues



Could be issues with the LCD. When I do the same thing on the fabrikator mini it moves the extruder much slower and controlled. On the MPCNC it seems like it might just be full speed. Which would definitley cause an issue.

I just tried the IE Test print file. Looks like I didn’t set my z height right before hitting go. I am so used to other printers just hitting the endstops and then working. There is still another issue. Something in the extruder makes a crazy annoying noise right now. Going to take the fan and heatsink off to figure that out. I think I just don’t have the roller screw tight enough since I intentionally left it loose to see if that helped. Hopefully it is just I was being dumb trying to use the lcd for everything.

I would love to be able to use repetier, but the computer I originally planed to use with the mpcnc decided to stop recognizing its usb controller. I have a windows 10 tablet too, but that only has 1 usb controller that controls the usb port as well as the touch screen and keyboard/mouse attachment. So controlling any 3d printer with it so far has just resulted in the mouse going crazy. When I looked it up most computers with this issue have it because windows detects it as a ball mouse, but I didn’t find that to be the issue.