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New corner, I hope.

An opinions?
+This seems stronger, than the current one and a few others I have prototyped mostly in the leg side.
-Takes 1 more screw and nut. bummer
++Each corner set takes a little more than 4 hours less, and 33g less plastic to print!! 17 hours less total, might get this under 100 hours soon.
+I made this easily editable for me to make multiple versions for different tube sizes.
+No more glue!
+A little more style??
+Still no support.
+Gain about 10mm travel per axis or more.
–all 4 corners are no longer symmetric, there will have to be a corner A and a corner B.

Well, let me have it, constructive criticism appreciated.?

I know most of you guys want a new center assembly, and I am working on that as well but I have never been very happy with those corners. Using glue is such a cheat, Although I might add a little glue hole so some of you quit cranking down your parts so hard. That way you could get everything set and aligned and then add a drop of super glue to “locktight” it in place instead of trying to over tighten or modify the parts.