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That new corner design looks awesome! Hoping to assemble a machine for my workplace this summer for basic prototyping. Couldn’t convince the boss to get an x carve, and we probably have all of the electronics besides the ramps board. The corner looks much more refined and looks like there is practically no support required.

Have you considered reaching out to a nearby high school to see if there are any students interested in this kind of stuff? You might be able to find an assistant willing to help out. That’s how my boss found me. It started out non paid but I had unlimited creative freedom to build whatever I wanted with the prototyping stuff they had. Eventually I proved myself and got a job. I don’t know what you are able to offer to a student besides engineering knowledge, but I am sure you can find someone to help out at little to no cost. Maybe upgrade the forum? I love it, but it is kinda slow. I usually access it from a computer with a 500mbps up and down connection (advantage to my lab at school being in the basement where the internet comes in. I have a direct link before it goes through the servers and other stuff for the college) and with a connection like that you really start to notice which sites have a good server(s).