Reply To: RJ45 Connections



Hello everybody,

I have the MPCNC machine finally assembled and found out that I forgot to order the wiring kit with my bundle, which brought me to this tread. When Cat6 cables work fine maybe flat retractable ones (see picture) could be used for bigger machines as well, to keep everything clean and neat. I will order the regular wiring kit for this set up (30×30) and finish the table in the mean time, since it is standing on a cardboard box. But on my next set up (4×6 or 4×8) I would like to use retractable cat6 cables installed in the middle underneath each x and y axis if possible. For the z axis I don’t know yet where the best location would be, but I will figure that out along the way. Can that work, or would the pull (although little) from the retractable cat6 holder be counterproductive?