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That is the one I had to send back. google the issues it has. The x axis belt actually rubs on the bearing block, after 2 days of printing mine had made significant damage to the belt, people are modding the bearing blocks to try and fix this. The other issue is their firmware is not available publicly and the extruder stepper is not getting enough power, very weak. I asked for the firmware to turn up the driver (firmware only) they said it would void my warranty so I sent it back. it didn’t have enough power to pull fimaent off a full spool resulting in weak prints that were under extruded.

It is a nice machine, 4 screws and it is ready to print in like 10 minutes tops. one issue would be free to fix for them and the other might be okay if they put a bit of teflon tape on that block. They didn’t seem interested in fixing them though.