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I am so close to getting this site blazing fast. I am sorry I know it sucks right now. WordPress and Woocommerce are extremely difficult to optimize even with the gigantic user base. The last piece of the puzzle is getting litespeed cache enabled on this site. I had it on for 20 minutes or so yesterday and man this thing loaded intsantly, it was freaking amazing! Every page just popped up as soon as you clicked the link. All the tools pingdon, insight, gmetrix showed easily under 3 second initial page load, down from 6-9 seconds.

The problem is PHP requests for the page template, WP an WC all hit the server hard, and this site is getting pretty steady traffic now. Lite speed caches these momentarily.

But….if anyone tried to log in at that time they got logged in as me! I had all the rules in place not to cache login pages admin pages ect, didn’t matter. I will keep trying. I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel and I want it!!!!