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Ryan let me start by saying love your design and am building one myself right now. I think we all agree that a MPCNC is not what Jennifer needs or is looking for. 🙂

Jennifer I agree with what the others are saying and understand your price budget. Printing good looking miniatures is a challenge on a regular 3d printer and if done right they can look very nice. I just finished printing a 128 piece job for prototype parts for a game someone was developing. The tallest piece was a 31mm man o war ship. (pirate themed game) So it can be done. I would stay away from the monoprice stuff and the Prusa I3 while a good entry to the hobbyist 3d printing world it has its challenges as well. There is alot out there in the open source world.

First we need to establish your comfort levels. If you were looking at this project I am assuming you are confident in your skills to assemble a machine. This being said a kit is a great option for you. My first printer was a M3D home consumer ready printer. While it was cute and worked let me just say it is NOT what I was looking for. Then I discovered the Rigidbot (printing my MPCNC machine on them now. I have 3 of them) These were a very good machine at a very solid entry point price. However they took lots of tweaking and upgrades to make them the beasts they are today. I am currently looking at two other machines. One is completely do it yourself a CORE XY build and probably not what you are looking for. The other is a current kickstarter project called “Reach 3D Printer” It has a solid $259 pledge and for an additional 70 dollars you can even get a heated bed, LCD Screen, and upgraded power supply to run it. It has a very generous 7.87×7.87 inch build area with a 8.46 inch height. I am very skeptical of technology kickstarters as so many of them have flopped. However this one I have confidence in. I have spoken personally with the creator and he really has his head on straight. He already has started building the parts for the machines and with the exception of a couple laser cut metal plates the entire printer is open source easy to find parts. So you don’t have to worry about finding any support. His printers are actually shipping starting this may. He can do this because he has started the process of building them already. He is also keeping his quantities small so he can meet the delivery schedule. I am not affiliated with this printer in any way shape or form except I am a backer. I think it may just be what you are looking for. It is also more portable than an I3. Go check it out.