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Thanks. I ordered the Monoprice Maker Select yesterday. One of the first things I intend on doing is printing replacement X axis bearing blocks (ones designed for belt clearance) — I just take out the bearings out of the stock block and slide them in (friction fit).

I also plan on doing: z-axis stabilizer mod; m3 bed spring nut, thumb wheel & spring guide mods; y axis idler tie wrap mod; replacing extruder gear with a sharper finer tooth one; glass bed mod.

I didn’t realize the firmware was proprietary.. I thought since it was an OpenSource RepRap Prusa I3 clone, that it would have it’s firmware available. Anyways there are mods you can do tot he board to get the extruder more power… some simple jumper wire mod I hear. check out .

Also, since this machine is basically a Prusa I3 .. can’t I simply just swap out boards with an entire new set of opensource firmware, if need be?