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Till now I have not used my MPCNC for 3D printing but only for milling although when I ordered my kit I did add the 3D print head to it. After reading this thread I had to test the MPCNC 3D print capabilities compared to my Ormerod 2 …….. the result was quite shocking for me.

My Ormerod 2 has been running now for about a year with quite a few upgrades including the E3D v6 print head and tuning and I am actually quite happy with the results. I quickly installed the MPCNC 3D print head and did a few changes to my normal Simplify3D print profile to suite the MPCNC and started a print on it.

On the Left: MPCNC with 0.4mm Nozzle and no fine tuning (first print). On the Right: Ormerod 2 with E3Dv6 with a 0.6mm Nozzle (normally I print with 0.4mm so this is not a fair comparison in quality )

Very happy how the MPCNC prints PLA! Although this thread is about small detailed prints etc. but I just wanted to share how prints do look on the MPCNC.