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leo,.. so i think i may know (and this is obvious now) my problem, or at least one of them.
my image size/quality.. ive been saving them as BMPs, but not 8 bit greyscale BMPs… I never figured that part out.
However, saving it as 256 color doesnt convert it to greyscale.. is there any native way in PAINT to do that? or do I need another 3d party product to handle that converion to greyscale.
i think thats a large part of my problem here.

EDIT =- so i found GIMP software, which I can convert it to grayscale, but exporting it as a BMP doesnt give me any quality options and it looks fairly high quality even at grayscale.
So now perhaps I need to change it to 256 color in paint, what a pain in the ass.. there needs to be one program (not photoshop, i dont wanna pay for that haha) to convery from a jpgh to 8 bit grayscale :).

BTW, i tested it with the normal grayscale higher quality and it was WAY faster, less stuttering, still a bit though.

EDIT EDIT – so loading it in to paint, and then saving it, shows its already at a 256 grayscale. so that wont make a difference. . poo