Reply To: PCB Examples



That autoleveler looks pretty neat. I’ve seen auto tramming before by measuring the build plate in three places (which defines any plane) and then the z moves up and down depending on where the tool is in X, Y.

This one takes it a bunch further, mapping the Z offset for a grid across the entire surface, and then controls the z height of the tool at different X, Y depending on the measured grid.

From the description, I’m assuming there is some sort of separate calibration procedure, where you do the grid measuring, then the data output from that goes into the AutoLeveler tool, along with an input G code file. The software changes the GCode commands to insert a z height with the calibrated offset for each position command.

I don’t see why this wouldn’t work for all firmware, it’s only changing the position commands in the gcode.

It’s an especially good idea for the second case, where the surface is warped or bent (I’m sure there are limits though). The results looks great too. Thanks for sharing.