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I haven’t built it yet. In the process of doing it at the moment, so I’m trying to get a much info as possible to make a decision on the size. Definitely a lot of good information on this thread though.

The only reason for the bigger build size is for 1 project that I have in mind. It’s a bartop arcade machine and one of the panels will need that size. The only other things I might want a larger are for is quadcopter frames but I could shrink the size a bit for that. Do you think there would be a massive benefit from shrinking it down from the 24×21 area? How small would you recommend?
The router won’t be a DeWalt to start with at least, I’ve got a Bosch 300W router already that I want to try out first.

I saw you mentioned that 3d printer on your 1 year post. When will you be releasing more info on that? Really interested to see what you’ve come up with.