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I might be mistaken about gcode used by autoleveler. Most cncs use g38.x for probing where marlin uses g29 and g30. Wouldn’t hurt to try Marlin but i was just looking at autoleveler site and it looks like everyone uses it with mach3,linuxcnc, or grbl which all have g38.x probing. I’ve used it with mach3 and Linuxcnc myself in the past. Also most, not all, pcb design software will export the drilling gcode with g81 drill codes, not supported by marlin and i doubt grbl either.

@vicious1: i think a well surfaced and levelled bed eliminates the need for autoleveler software and if the traces are wide enough then a mill is the better choice for tooling since its more forgiving of an unlevelled surface than a vbit. This is fine for simple passive component circuits but anything cool will involve a microcontroller and then you’ll be needing much tighter and thinner traces. I really do prefer a laser and acid etching for stuff like that. The way you secure the board is just as important. A vacuum table is ideal but who can afford that? Double sided tape also good. A fixture that only holds down corners isn’t so great because it tends to bring the corner lower while the opposing corner teeters upward so you end up with high spots in the middle of the board.
Nowadays You can get a batch of prototype boards made overseas for about$20 if you’re willing to wait but always more satisfying to make things on your own.