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Now that you have mentioned it….
I have to agree the Turnkey release is not what you call neat and easy.
My best guess is that at the time it was started there was not much else to try for a CO2 system.
And you are right, for a little diode system it is total overkill.
But some code hungry features like the base64 encoding for raster engravings do make a lot of sense in terms of code reduction.
Similar for the pulse and frequency control of the laser, especially when working on glass it helps a lot to have these additional controls.
The confusing part is that all laser functions seem to be added on top of the normal printer firmware.
Have not tried to use it on a 3D printer but am quite sure it would work right out of the box.
Co2 compared to a little diode laser is almost like comparing an exacto knife with a heavy splitting axe LOL
Both are perfect in their own field but trying to be precise with the brute force while still keeping full control over the finest power changes is a challenge.
I am quite happy with my findings and mods to get everything going and it was a great that I learned on the way, however there is still plenty of room for improvement.
Even the guys at Picengrave said it would not be possible to do 8bit engravings with a CO2 system on “fine” materials like wood or even cardboard.
Still it is possible with only minor tweaks 😉
Would love to make my own Mini-Marlin without all the 3D printing stuff and just include the base64 and laser pwm and pulse controls from the Turnkey release.
But seems to be more complicated than what I thought.

Had a quick reading this morning in regards to my SD problem.
The combo of Mega2560, Ramps and the Discount controller seems to trouble a lot of people.
For most it does not work at all or only shows a black display when no USB is connected.
The black problem is going here as well as I noticed this morning.
Seems to be stuffed with the initialisation somewhere:
You start the machine, plug the USB in and the display comes on – apperently this is is meant to be like this.
But if no USB connection is detected for a few seconds the display should go on an initilise all standalone functions – this does not happen.
If I plug the SD in after turning the machine on, the controller states it was inserted but also that there are no files on it.
Turning on with the SD already inside and all of a sudden the files on it are found.
It now also shows up in Pronterface.
But and that’s a big but – starting a job from the SD blocks Pronterface, do anything within Pronterface and the SD seems to be unreadable again.
Same the other way around, start from the SD and nothing works over the computer anymore until you reset.
Quite annoying once you abort a test engraving and realise there is no menu function to turn the laser off ROFL

Here is a pic of an aborted test from the SD:
gone wrong
It seems that the problem is not constant, more like some steps are miing here and there.
Here is the beginning of the code for the file, entire thing is over 25mb, so I doubt there is need to upload it all.
;(Generated by 3dpBurner Image2Gcode v1.0)
;(@Mrz.15.2016 16:43:12)

G92 X-40 Y-40
;M03 S0 P25 L5000 B1 D0


G1 F850

G1 X0 S0
G1 Y124.85
G1 X0.11 S850
G1 X0.22 S847
G1 X0.33 S849
G1 X0.44 S852
G1 X0.66 S856
G1 X0.77 S854
G1 X0.88 S853
G1 X0.99 S852
G1 X1.1 S849
G1 X1.21 S846
G1 X1.32 S843
G1 X1.43 S842
G1 X1.54 S836
G1 X1.65 S832
G1 X1.76 S831
G1 X1.87 S830
G1 X1.98 S827
G1 X2.09 S821
G1 X2.2 S819
G1 X2.42 S817
G1 X2.53 S815
G1 X2.75 S816
G1 X3.19 S815
G1 X3.3 S813
G1 X3.41 S815
G1 X3.52 S816
G1 X3.63 S813
G1 X3.74 S819
G1 X3.85 S821
G1 X3.96 S823
G1 X4.07 S819
G1 X4.18 S809
G1 X4.29 S806
G1 X4.4 S809
G1 X4.62 S806
G1 X4.73 S808
G1 X4.95 S806
G1 X5.06 S808
G1 X5.17 S810
G1 X5.39 S809
G1 X5.5 S810
G1 X5.61 S806
G1 X5.72 S805
G1 X6.16 S806
G1 X6.27 S805
G1 X6.38 S802

It just keeps going like this an small steps for the x direction and with a little y step for each new line of the image.