Reply To: Enclosures…



So im back to figuring out how to vent this thing… Cutting acrylic and wood produces chemicals and i gotta get rid of them. (laser cutting).

I had an HVAC guy quote me 1250$ to run a vent to the back of my house and mount a nice high cfm bathroom type inline fan to exhaust that stuff. Not against it, just not in it for $1250.
So my 2nd solution.
I need a new good vac for the cnc anyway.
I bought a NICe vacmaster with hepa filters etc. I plan to use that for my CNC wood chips, the whole nine, but also for the smoke and vapors from my Laser… The kicker.
I know the hepa wont catch everything bad. So im putting in some charcoal filtration in there to help too.
That should get 95% or more of the bad sh*t out of the air.
Then I will find a way to mount my central vac to the exhaust area of the Vacmaster and run that when cutting laser items to exhaust the now smokeless vapers out of the house.

SEems viable yes? I dont have to worry about smoke and soot in my central vac pipes, because ill have that mostly gone. Its just the toxic vapers I want out (and they will be in drastically lowered numbers).