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AvE (I think his name is Chris, but don’t quote me on that) is awesome! I have gotten many good laughs from his videos while always learning something even if it isn’t very useful. He is also the only channel that I back on Patreon right now. I can make a post on his patreon page and see if anyone responds.

He could be really helpful in figuring out what materials are commonly available in different areas as well as figuring out some of the random engineering stuff. At the same time, he is extremely busy with his job, family, and youtube. He bought a new (well, new to him) mill months ago and the only video about it so far is him moving it into his garage. He has a huge backlog of stuff he is working on for videos.

I am really liking some of the ideas in this thread. I totally agree that everyone should post and get feedback on new design changes. Sometimes things seem like a great idea and really aren’t or they are a good idea but some little change turns them into a great idea.