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The first of this weekend’s exploits: I tightened up belts and all the bolts I could reach with a wrench in the middle-Z assembly, and then did a little experiment to see if I could reign in the accuracy of my routing. In this picture, the feed rate is 400 whatevers per whatever; I’m cutting boxes that should be 10x30mm. Two cuts were 1mm, two were 4mm; two were clockwise and two counterclockwise.

The 4mm deep cuts were pretty dramatically deformed by the load from the head; they were off by about 2.5mm (total, so perhaps half that on each path).
The 1mm shallow cuts were much closer, more like 0.5mm error. Clockwise gives a little bit too big, and counterclockwise a little too small. That’s usable for artsy stuff, but it’s going to require lots of patience. My middle assembly feels noticeably wobbly; some of the bearings aren’t engaged against the conduit until I apply some torque on the tool. I printed up the Camar0 middle assembly today; we’ll see if that stiffens things up.