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The second exploit was hanging one of Vicious’ import extruder heads on the tool mount and doing a little reproductive work. I finished up all the additional cable ends (extruder, extruder fan, thermistor, parts fan, hot end heater) and RAMPS wiring (power supply junctions and such). No heated bed, but I’ve had a PrintinZ factory-seconds bed surface sitting around for a year that I’ve been meaning to play with, so I clamped that thing down and got to business. I got five millimeters of promising results before the part came unstuck; I don’t quite have the first layer squish dialed in yet.

Also, I notice that my filament spool is picking up a lot of sawdust from the router adventures; I’d better get things tidied up before that sawdust gets sucked into the extruder and clogs up the works.

But it’s close to working, so now I can race my Kossel against my MPCNC. :v)